Passion 2010 + Gratitude Challenge Day 16 ♥

(Credit: Mike Colasi)

Our God is awesome. Passion World Tour made their final stop yesterday. In Vancouver!!! Wooo! So glad and blessed that we were one of the 7 cities they managed to make a stop at. It was a sold out crowd. For those of you who weren't there, you just had to be to feel His presence, and the love and passion from the crowd. It was a night of powerful, powerful amazing worship, prayer, and the people of our city coming together to praise Him. He has awakened this generation, and it is so awesome to see. God is going to do some pretty amazing work in this beautiful city of ours.

To the city of São Paulo, thank you for your prayers. It's so humbling and amazing to see that your thoughts and prayers are with us, and that you guys kept the wrist bands on for two months till the night of the concert! Love and prayers being sent back your way :) Next up? Atlanta 2011!!

Also - I think with last night, it has been more clear as to what I want to do with my life.

With that being said, I'm going to give thanks for yesterday.

1. Passion making Vancouver as one of the 7 stops. I can't say this enough, but it was an unforgettable night.
2. Matt Redman, Christy Nockels, Chris Tomlin & David Crowder Band. Powerful worship!
3. People from the city of São Paulo. Thank you for your prayers. Much love.
4. Power of prayer during last night.
5. The songs "Our God" & "Awakening" by Chris Tomlin.
6. The awesome crowd at the concert.
7. Bumping into people I haven't seen in awhile at Passion!
8. The double rainbow right before the doors were opened at Passion :) Beautiful sight.
9. Jerry opening his home up to us, and making us food for a time of fellowship.
10. Rogers Arena, that they're able to house this event, and allow people of this city to come together to praise Him.


Selena said...

That first photo is amazing, I love it.

I missed the rainbow but saw many mobile uploads onto facebook =)

Shauna said...

Ya, I love the photo choices. How amazing. God is so good isn't he! Let's make a difference for Him in this beautiful city of VANCOUVERRRRR!

amileinherheels said...

Yeah saw it on a friend's fb and used it since I didn't bring my cam haha. DOUBLE RAINBOW :D

Mhmmmmmm TEAM BHLC <3


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