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Back to the challenge. I'm so inconsistent with my blogging lol. Making an effort here! Onto day 4 of the 10 day challenge. And I'm going to throw in what I'm thankful for today as well :) 7 things that cross my mind a lot? A lot of things cross my mind hahaha. That is why I'm always up. Anyways.. here goes.

1. God. Nuff' said.
2. Family. I have family all over the world, so I do think of how they're doing, how their day is going, what's new.. and all that. I miss all of them dearly, and can't wait for a large family reunion.. like the one we had almost 10 years ago.
3. Work. I will be graduating soon.. and I haven't exactly come up with a game plan. Although things are starting to appear more clear with what I want to do.
4. My friends. I worry about them way too much sometimes. But they know it's cus I love them. I try and find time during the week to meet up, or make time for them, as do they.
5. Boys. Guys? Men. Somehow men sounds old. I'll stick with guys. No one in particular though.. Or is there?
6. Photoshoot ideas. Yup it's actually something I think about quite often.
7. The future. I can't wait to see what awaits :)

And now the thanksgiving challenge. I think I'm on Day 20.

1. My favourite corn soup. I'm glad I'm able to make it and enjoy it on a cold day like this.
2. My mouse! I hate using the laptop without one.
3. Late night conversations with close friends.
4. Extra rooms in the house. I sometimes like to sleep there because my room is way too bright in the morning.
5. Bags. I'm glad I'm able to switch those up from time to time.
6. Ideas for the Dream Night video
7. Amy and I spending the day to come up with video concepts, then having lunch and watching Gossip Girl.
8. Sites like Fail Blog. Too funny. Whenever I need a good laugh, it helps.
9. Days I don't have to use makeup!!
10. Other blog readers who inspire and encourage me with their comments and thoughts :) Love y'all. Mwah.


Unknown said...

hehehe i love failblog and other silly sites (like the walmart website too..;P) although i havn't visited the website you told me about that made me miss my skytrain stop TWICE that day! hahaha! good times!

p.s - thanks so much for your encouraging words on my last blog post, it means a lot. :)

amileinherheels said...

Me too! HAHAHA omg I remember that! I felt really bad but it was so funny you were so into it you missed it twice!!! Hehe

And np <3 anytime girl!


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