Gratitude Challenge Day 12 ♥

Day 12.
That was fast. Technically I should be way ahead.. but I'm back on track. I finally watched The Last Song tonight. Yes, that Miley Cyrus film. I have the book, and I loved it. Who doesn't love Nicholas Sparks? I think most of his films make me bawl my eyes out lol. Like A Walk to Remember.. Still does everytime I watch it.

This movie.. was a good reminder of what's important. Love. And family. Also, that mistakes are meant to be made, and forgiven. And that second chances and the moments in life are precious.

So with that being said, here's my 10 things that I'm thankful for.

1. Memories. Whether it be good or bad, they're apart of my past that I can't erase, but rather I should embrace.
2. Time spent with a loved one that I have lost. They're precious, and I would never trade that for the world.
3. The piano, and the beautiful melodies that come from it.
4. Paintings left behind by my grandfather. If I could get a picture, I'll def post it up here. It's beautiful.
5. Tough love. I think everyone needs some of that.
6. Washing machines! Lol I do not want to hand wash my clothes..
7. My wool coat! I spent quite a sum on it.. but it is dang well worth it.
8. Instant noodles! MMmm.
9. God's grace and compassion.
10. Powerful testimonies, and its ability to change lives.


Fiona said...

ohh man i cried so much in the movie..its a sweet movie..better than i expected loved the story

Selena said...

Oooo where did you get your wool coat from??

I like your # 10 =)

I started earlier than most on blogging our gratitude lists, and somehow I'm 3 days behind you now.

amileinherheels said...

I know!! So sad haha. I loved it though :)

Artizia :) Like years ago.. But well worth it.


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