Gratitude Challenge Day 11 ♥

All the single ladies! Haha jk

I know I've missed quite a few days, but I've been super busy. (With a friend's wedding, school etc.) And sick. So I'm going to just continue from day 11!

Day #11 of what I'm thankful for:
1. Dance parties at Club Fio!! Hahaha
2. Artists like Far East Movement who know how to keep it real with their dope music.
3. Boots. They keep me warm during the rainy season.
4. Food/Restaurant reviews by friends. I'm more inclined to go if they have a good rating.
5. Tea. Needed that on a day like this.
6. Debit cards. I hate carrying cash around after losing my wallet that one time.
7. Entertaining conversations with Aaron. Way too many laughs :)
8. Photoshop. Where I can do awesome pictures like this.

9. House keys! So I'm able to leave and come home whenever I want without waking anyone.
10. TV Shows. They keep me entertained.


Fiona said...

hope you are feeling better tess!
lol ya for dance parties

amileinherheels said...

Thanks!! :) And yes those are always fun with you ;)

Danielle's Blog said...

lol yes thanks for the wedding runnin ' around. it's all good and done with now so hopefully you can get some good rest : ) see u soon.

nicole said...

Tessa, you look so pretty in that neutral ensemble! It contrasts nicely against your dark hair. You make me miss my dark hair :(


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