01: The Little Things ♥

30 Day Blog Challenge
Day 1 – A photo of yourself and a description of how your day was.

Back to classes today! Thankfully my classes ran through the Summer.. I didn't feel like it was too much of a drag getting back to class. The weather helped for sure. One of those rare sunny days before fall falls upon us. During lunch, I had a talk with some of my girls about school. Surprisingly, they felt the exact same way about what we're doing with our lives at this very moment. We talked about how there's so much more to do in life, so much more to explore, and travel. Share what we know and have with the less fortunate.

One of my goals next year is to go on a missions trip.. and I think I'll do just that. I don't think we fully appreciate what we have here, and for the most part.. take things completely for granted. My friends recently got back from a missions trip in India, and their stories were amazing to hear. The simplest of things touched the people's hearts there. They were so genuinely happy that they got to spend time with the team, and shake their hands. The simplest of gestures had such a huge impact. And over here, we're always wanting more. We're pretty consumed by materialism, that often.. we get lost in it. Time for a change! I'm not saying I won't shop anymore or completely stop my love for Fashion, but I'll definitely make it a point to give back, and do what I can to make some sort of difference.



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