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Hello all! Sorry for being M.I.A. Been crazy busy with school, as well as planning among other things. I know I'm way overdue for a blog post.. So here it is. This one is specially for Danielle, as she wanted to know what every woman must have as staples in her closet. This is definitely just a list, and a guide to follow by. By no means is this a list that you have to follow. Other ladies might have a different opinion on their must-haves for staples! So here's my top 14.
  • Little Black Dress: Every woman has to have one. It's classic, chic and effortless. Never goes out of style. Pair it up with accessories and you're good to go for a night out, or a corporate event.
  • Denim: Be it Skinnys, boyfriends or Straight-cut. Denim is a staple in one's closet. Goes with everything. Literally. Old pair of denim you don't use anymore? Turn them into cut offs for the summer!
  • Plain T-Shirts: White, Grey, Navy.. Basic Tees are the way to go. An everyday essential.
  • Dress Shirt: Casual or Dressy, take your pick. You could always borrow your man's if you don't have one. Tuck it in some trousers, and you're set for the office. Or an alternative - Belt it up, and pair it with some leggings and you're good to go.
  • Pencil Skirt: Same as the dress shirt, put your own take on it. From office wear to after hours.
  • Leggings: THEY DO NOT REPLACE PANTS. Just saying. Sweatpants alternative? Sure, just make sure your butt is covered. Oh and printed leggings are pretty awesome, if you can pull it off.
  • Trenchcoat/Peacoat: If you live in Vancouver, you especially need one. The classic that never goes out of style. Keeps you warm too.
  • Blazer: The boyfriend blazer is my favourite. But any others work well too. Another piece you can take it from day to night.
  • Spanx: Body-shaping, women's secret. Enough said. If you don't know what this is.. I suggest you find out asap.
  • Cardigans: Available in a variety of prints and colours, it's also another must-have. Pair it on with some trousers, or a dress.
  • Watch: I love love love Gold watches. To me, they're timeless and fabulous. Although everyone else has their own preferences, I suggest investing in a good watch that'll last for years to come.
  • Sunglasses: Find one that suits your face shape, and have fun with it!
  • Accessories: Necklaces, rings, bracelets, hats, scarves. Mix and match. I find some of my coolest jewelry at Vintage Stores.
  • Shoes: A pair of basic black & nude pumps will have you set. Of course.. a girl can never have too many pairs of shoes. I have an obsession with gladiator-inspired heels. They're just killer. Oh and flats are essential as well. They're a lifesaver when you've spent the past 8 hours in heels. A pair of rainboots? - Only if you live in Vancouver. You ladies know how it is. A good pair of leather boots would be a nice addition as well.
Also, I met up with the lovely Vanessa of thehautepursuit over the weekend for a photowalk! Check her blog out, it's awesome :)


Danielle's Blog said...

yay thanks for the post! i really need to find a good lil black dress. and as for plain tshirts - how would you wear and mix and match those?

amileinherheels said...

I personally like plain V-necks or Scoop necks. I'd probably pair it up with jeans, or even like a high-waisted skirt. Shorts work too. Literally anything! You could go also dress it up or down with accessories, and def your shoes. Pair it up with fancier earrings or a scarf to dress it up. Hope it helps! xx


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