Return of the Denim Dress ♥

Spring is here, and summer is fast approaching.. It's that time of the year again. Dress season! I'd have to say more than 30% of my closet consist of dresses. It's the easiest thing to wear, and it literally goes with everything. Slip one on, and you're good to go. I went shopping today, and I found this dress. (Shown above. Haha I know the picture quality isn't that great.. and I call myself a photographer..) Ditch your jeans ladies, and bring out the denim dresses. The Denim babydoll dress I got can be found at H&M. Along with that I bought the lemon stone bangle, and some fab heels. (Not the ones shown above though.) What I love about this dress is that I could totally dress it up, or down. Throw on some chucks along with a cardi, and keep it casual with a few simple accessories. Want to dress it up? Those killer heels and statement jewelry will do. So who's feeling the denim dress trend?


Anonymous said...

Sharon here!!!

aliciafashionista said...

Thanks so much for the comment. Your profile pic is absolutely gorgeous! I will defs be checking back :)

amileinherheels said...

Buy more before you get to Van!!

No problem :) And thanks! <3

grapefruit said...

i really like those shoes though! where are they from?

amileinherheels said...


I actually got them from Winners in North Van! It's a really small winners. For like $30? Pretty surprised I found it there.

Katy said...

I was never a dress person but I'm starting to become one. I love the shoes by the way... where did you get them?

Danielle's Blog said...

hmm yes cute shoes. so early right now..

amileinherheels said...

I love dresses! Although I love my sweatpants day more haha. I got them at Winners in North Van actually. Pretty reasonably priced as well!

Thanks D :) Yeah up and early for your engagement shoot!

Selena said...

I love the bangle. Is it from H&M too? I even like the name of it - lemon stone^^ said...

i LOVE how the whole denim dress retro thing is back! i have one that my mom use to wear and i adore it. and OMG DRESS equals love. i'd say 30% of my closet is dresses too! it just makes me feel so girly and care free. and super easy to match for sure like you said :)

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amileinherheels said...

It is! :) They're having a promo right now as well for accessories! Def check it out!

Yeah totally! If I could I would wear dresses all the time haha. And I'll def check out your giveaway hun <3


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