Weekend Vlog ♥


Unknown said...

i'll have to watch your vlog when i get home! ;)

i miss the olympics too... i miss the madness... the crowds.. the crazies! haha!

the auto show was alright... i mostly went to accompany my bf but i did enjoy going into the cars/trucks and getting a feel for it. Did they stop doing DTP?

Jessica Mai : said...

Yay! I love Vlogs.
You look very warm and cozy Tessa. The weather has been so bipolar lately. The winds sound like they are about to blow my house down! :/

Hope you had a lovely Easter. & I love the Vlog.. great idea. mebbe Ill Vlog soon too:)

Jess Mai

Jessica Mai : said...


Thankyou so much for your kind and supportive words on my last post.

Thats great that you went with your passion. I really admire you for that.

Im still extremely confused. I think Im gonna take this summer off and really think hard about what I wanna do.

GAHH! Life is just zooming by so fast.. & I wish education was still free :(

Anonymous said...

awwwwww you look like my exboyfriend's lil brother even though he was annoying as hell still cute!

Danielle's Blog said...

tessa blog louder next time haha.. when ppl aren't sleeping too i guess.

amileinherheels said...


Ok ;) Yeah I think they did :( I enjoyed those shows quite a bit a few years back.. Think they stopped it in 08'.

I was extremely cosy :) And yes do a vlog too!! Would def love to see. And np, if you need someone to talk to, you know where to find me :) Yeah take a semester off and think through what you wanna do. For sure it helps. I hope you find that soon :) Btw, did you get your bbm back?

LOL are you saying I look like a boy!? :(

Hahaha yes. Next time :P


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