Dessert with that?

So Kristine, Paulina, Aaron and myself headed out for some dinner today. Well dinner was the usual, so I shall not elaborate on that. Prior to that, we went to Central Park for a walk, and to enjoy the beautiful weather we have out today!

Now onto the best part of the day.. Desserts. Dot Desserts to be more specific. I have been wanting to stop by this place for ages, but haven't gotten the chance to.. not up until today.

I must say, the store is pretty small. Much smaller than I have expected, but it is cosy nonetheless. As we walked in, we were pleasantly greeted by the staff, and service was impeccably fast. We ordered the Matcha Parfait, as well as the Berries & Cream Parfait.

And I have to say, we were all really satisfied with the dessert! Definitely a place that we'll stop by in the near future. They also have this dessert called the Big Doe.. that looks absolutely yummy. It's so special that you have to order it a day prior to your visit!

Vancouverites, where are your favourite dessert places? Do share!


Jenny said...

i <3 DOTS!!
you should try to brownie parfait thing.. SOOO good

amileinherheels said...

I shall next time :) We'll go together <3


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