I'm gon' need you to say something

I wish decisions weren't that hard, and that relationships weren't so complicated. Grr. On another note, here's what my weekend consisted of. Story in pictures? Hope you guys like it! Oh and the blog giveaway is closed tomorrow!! xx


serenadeveryday said...

Your photography skills are amazing. I like the first picture the most.
I like this story in pictures post. Looks like a relaxing weekend [minus the production schedule.]

Jessica Mai : said...

Love these pictures?
What camera do you have? Im looking to buy a new camera.

My weekend was BORING! Life after Olympics is just not eventful.

& I wont enter the contest because I have 1million+ scarves. haha Im actually trying to get rid of mine so Ill let someone else win :)
Jess Mai

Jessica Mai : said...

Love these pictures!***
No "?"

FAIL! jessica FAIL!

amileinherheels said...

Thanks!! :) Yeah it was pretty relaxing.. the project is taking it's toll on me :(

Hahaha aw jess. thank you :) I have the Nikon D60. Which is a DSLR. and yes!! I'm actually missing the olympics spirit from the Canadians. Back to the dull life I guess....

grapefruit said...

the first photo is beautiful! it could be on a calendar =D

The F Word Online said...

i lovelovelove these photos ! they're so cute. i dont know if you know wongfu, but its got a wongfu productions feel to it.

xx lue

amileinherheels said...

Thanks Elena! :) If only my work got published somewhere! hahaha.

Thanks babe! :) YES I love wongfu =D Aw I feel honored my work is somewhat comparable to theirs haha! Wes is an amazing photographer :)

cherylloh said...

wow. these are beautiful, tessa. my favourites are the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. i have been so busy...i didn't even enter the contest! booo. i hope we can go shopping and do a photoshoot soon :)

amileinherheels said...

thanks cheryl!! <3 yeah we gotta :) miss you :( xx


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