Lights, Camera, Fashion! ♥

I have new found respect for people involved in the fashion show production and process. I got a taste of it myself today, and let's just say.. it is not easy. It might seem like a breeze and all glamourous on stage, but backstage is literally madness. It is an extremely tiring and tedious process. You have to be quick on your feet, prepare for errors that might come up, and just breathe. Needless to say though, it was a great success. Met new friends, networked, and had fun. The models were also such sweethearts to work with, so it made the show a lot more fun. Oh, and getting a first hand look of all the gowns was pretty awesome. I've already picked out my wedding gown! Jk! But I do have a dream gown in mind. I unfortunately did not take any pictures today.. but I'll bring my camera tomorrow for sure. (Maybe not the DSLR because it is pretty heavy) The booths that were set up were also very pleasing to the eye. Gorgeous gowns everywhere, exquisite wine, great photographers, etc. Day 2 of tomorrow, but this time I'm definitely going to explore the fair a little more, and maybe make some minor purchases, hehe. Don't roll your eyes at me! I'm only getting bridal magazines.. Anyhow, Danielle and Elena will be there tomorrow :) So it'll be good! I think I shall call it a night now. Got to be up early in a bit. Peace + Love y`all!

P.S I will blog soon about an amazing product I found at MAC. It has made its way to becoming my favorite!



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