Fashionistas Need Sleep too

So day 2 of school, and I'm quite liking it. It's definitely something I want to go to school for.. And clearly, it shows. I haven't been this organized in forever! My notes are all neatly typed up, filed under the right tabs, and color coordinated. Perhaps I have turned into a Monica Geller. I just need to find my Chandler Bing. Let's hope it never gets to that extreme of the spectrum haha. Anyways, back onto the topic of school. My classmates are awesome ladies who share the same passion for fashion as I do. Not to mention we all absolutely love shopping! Bonding time eh ladies? Since the start of school, I have been nothing but busy. You can say I have not much of a life. I guess that's what school does to you. I like how I'm able to squeeze in little shopping trips to Robson & Pacific Center though, since my school is literally at Fashion Central. Oh and I finally bought those Melkonian Boots from Aldo! Got the taupe one instead, because I have way too many black boots. I didn't get it yet though, had to order them. But I can't wait for it to arrive!

Speaking of being busy.. My weekend is jam packed. Looks like I'll only be able to catch up on my sleep on Monday or Tuesday, since I don't have classes then. Oh and read up on all the notes I've taken as well as the textbook. I swear I don't get enough sleep these days.. and I always end up sleeping waaay later than I intended to. So yes, the busy schedule.. today after class, I will be heading for an early dinner, and then fellowship. Fellowship ends around 10, and I have to be up early tomorrow morning for the Vancouver Wedding Fair, as I will be dressing the models for both Saturday & Sunday. Excited for this opportunity! It'll be a full day affair, so I'll probably be passing up on hanging out with my friends this weekend :( Sorry guys! Rain check?

On another note, my birthday is in 2 weeks!!! Might just settle for a quiet dinner with the girls & boys. The hype for a big celebration kind of died down. I guess I really am turning old..

P.S I'm in LOVE with the new YSL Scent, Parisienne! Whoever buys me this for my birthday, I'll love you forever!!



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