When the lights burn out

(Interesting Fact: We took the exact same picture, 5 years ago. Man have we grown)

Okay, I lied. This will be the last post? Maybe. I just had a train of thought, and lost it. Maybe it's because I'm freezing right now as I type. Hot Chocolate and a warm fleece blanket would be so ideal right now. I hate it when I'm still up at this hour, when I clearly should be sleeping. Too many things are running through my mind right now. One of the "perks" of being a girl eh? Thinking way too much for our own good. Christmas, Christmas. Mine turned out to be a rather joyous occasion I might add. Surprisingly. Many good laughs, philosophical questions, hilarious moments, and problems with tongs. *Inside joke* I frankly don't find a need for Christmas gifts anymore. Half of the gifts I've received.. are things I wouldn't use. Or need for that matter. I rather have my gifts be gifts to the Children who need it more. It's the season of giving after all.

Speaking of giving, the least I could do is donate a bunch of clothes (unused, with the tag on mind you) to the clothing drive. Did some closet cleaning again, and I realized I have a ton of clothes lol. A ton that I don't even use. What a waste. Better use on someone else, than have it just sitting in my drawers. As I go through my clothes.. I also realized how much my style has changed over the years, as I wore the mask of many different characters. I admit, I used to wear TNA suits, Lululemon, along with the blonde hair and all that. I was the girl who would define myself by what I have. Branded, and materialistic, I was then I guess. (Oh those adolescent years...) Glad to say I'm not like that now. That part of me is gone, and so are the clothes! There's a difference between my love for Fashion, and being a brand whore! Gotta get that straight lol. Anyways I think I shall finish up blogging another day, because I am rather tired at the moment. Good Night lovelies!


Shauna said...

I agree, we technically really don't need any gifts at all. Rather use that money to help those who are in NEED of them, but ya. Christmas is always a season of love! <3

amileinherheels said...

Yup, I really think next year I'm just going to do a gift drive.... So instead of people spend it on me, just put it towards the less fortunate :) Whatever happened to our Christmas ideas Shauna? LOl. It's okay, there's next year, or next month rather ;)


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