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Since y`all keep asking why I miss Singapore so much, here are my Top 5 Reasons as to Why I love & miss the place I call Home.

(Joey & I at East Coast's Mcd. One of our late night supper sessions)

(Some of my cousins & I at Greg's house for a BBQ)

(Ran across the street to the sound of the music, and stumbled onto this. One of my most fun nights ever with Sueann. Sang along to the songs we liked, and enjoyed the rest of the night. )

#1: My favorite people in the world are there. Nothing beats a day being out with them. We could be doing the silliest things, and it would still be major fun. I miss those supper sessions at East Coast. Or the late night drinks at OneTwentySix, or Hacienda. Jamming with the guitar at the beaches, picnics at the parks, Shopping at Mustafa at 5 A.M.. & Our spontaneous nights that involve free outdoor concerts, and ice-cream.

(Out on the porch with my baby cousin, and fellow Vancouverite, Thea.)

#2: Staying at my cousin's and just chilling out on the porch. Although we had our little arguments at times, it still was a good time. Besides, she had this awesome stash of vodka! Hehe. Oh and her place was very easily accessible. I grew up being an east side kid, living near the beach at Pasir Ris. So this was nice for a change. It was pretty damn awesome living 5 mins away from Dempsey, and party central, a.k.a Clarke Quay. I loved being able to drive out during the night, and chilling out over drinks.

(Making my own ice-cream at Yuki & Yaki.)

(The famous Katong Laksa @ Katong, obviously.)

#3: How could I forget this? The makan! Be it my Mama's or the local hawker centres.. I have to say, our local food is the real deal. Satay, Chilli Crab, Hei Mee, Rojak, Nasi Lemak, Char Kway Teow, Ice Kachang, Hainanese Chicken Rice.. Need I say more? I have endless food places to bring you, if you ever visit Singapore while I'm there. If not, just ask me, and I'll hook you up with the name of these places! Did I mention food is super cheap as well?

(Supper Club)


(Timbre! One of my all time favorite places for live music by some very talented artists.)

#4: The night life!! Okay, while I was back.. I wasn't out clubbing that much. And I'm always back at the wrong timings for some reason. Missed out on Zouk Out.. and quite a few of the YouthEmpire parties. People in Vancouver.. You will not want to hit up our local clubs once you've stepped into Singapore's. It will wow you. No joke.

(Shopping for kebayas, and wearing them at the wedding after)

(Chinatown, Singapore)

#5: The ever so rich.. culture. I love that it's a multi-cultured country/city. That the culture is so rich and vibrant on so many different levels. I love being able to discover more about the different cultures through the museum visits as well. Sadly I never got to go to the Peranakan Museum the last trip back. But! I will make it a point to the next time round. And definitely the other museums as well. Miss Sharon Lim will be delighted to be my personal tour guide I'm sure. Add Chinatown, Little India, Kampong Glam etc onto that. There are so many places I never appreciated as a child, but now that I'm more aware of what I've missed.. It's never too late to head back to explore them :)

Okay la, there's a #6. I've missed out one.. Bargain shopping!! I'm weird like that. When I'm back in Singapore.. I don't run straight to the malls. I head straight to local boutiques and Bugis Street! Haji Lane is also another favorite spot. In fact, some of my favorite wardrobe pieces are dresses and my gladiators from random places in Singapore. Gotta support our local boutiques! Anyways I think I deserve some sleep since I stayed up to post this for you guys. 5:13 A.M already! Can die lor. Good Night!


sam said...

Man, you make singapore sound like a whole lot of fun. Haha but all the places you mentioned are awesome!! The food, the food - all within 10mins drive from my place!

amileinherheels said...

hey sam! haha yeah i miss the fun i used to have back home. hopefully you guys will still be there by the time i get back and not be away in another city :( daang u live so near to all the hotspots..........this calls for a sleepover at your place! haha


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