Trouble sleeping

Yes I do have trouble sleeping. Seems to be the case these days. The 3 A.M chats don't help either. Or the late nights out. I think I just have too much energy throughout the day that you'd think by the end of it, I would be out like a lamp. Wrong. It's the complete opposite. I keep tossing and turning, and I seem to think about the most randomest things. These thoughts mainly consist of what I'm doing, what I want to be, what I want to do, what I can do, what I'm going to do. And then there's God, work, and the whole episode of enrolling myself in school. My mind seems to be running on high-speed during the night. Weird eh? Because I could be mad tired, and this would still happen. I feel like over the past couple of weeks.. A lot of self-realization has taken place and I've become very driven to reach where I want to be and where I see myself in the near future. I'm on the fast track and can't slow down. I guess you could say it's a bittersweet feeling?

On another note, I'm excited for what the next few weeks will bring. I'm back on track with what I'm supposed to do, and it's a good feeling. Workaholic me is staying put for awhile. Of course, I wouldn't neglect you guys, and most definitely not neglect church! (I'm already being held accountable by a number of you for this haha) There's also going to be a change in the household. new additions to the house! (no, I'm not talking about siblings-wise) The cousins are moving in, in two weeks. Should be interesting, and I would hope fun as well. It's always a nice feeling coming home to a full house. I've missed that, although it might be hard at times to have my down time with all the noise. Anyways, it's getting late. I think it's time for bed. Good night. xo



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