It's a fam jam

What a fun-filled day. Def a fam jam. From Pho to Cupcakes, to shopping. Girls day out never fails to brighten up the rather dull day. I guess I should let the pictures do the talking huh?

Our first stop? The highly anticipated Sephora! I haven't been to Pacific Center in ages, so we thought we would give the store a look. Basically, it was like a cosmetics supermarket. Cool stuff. H&M, Holt Renfrew, and Apple were also some of our shopping destinations. Sadly, we came out empty handed. Not a good shopping day. (still hooked on that maxi dress.. sigh) Now all that walking made us hungry, and it was Melanie's choice as to what we would eat.. So we ended up at..

Joyeux Cafe & Restaurant, located at 551 Howe Street. Pretty good viet food I would say. Not your typical Vietnamese restaurant per se, but the food is reasonably priced, and yum. Also, the restaurant has a very nice ambiance. If you're ever in the downtown area, and you're craving for Viet food.. Here's my recommendation! More shopping after lunch! (We had to walk it off right?) Well the day wouldn't be complete without some dessert! Cupcakes was our next stop.

Pretty desserts. Pretty sweeet desserts. Very sweet in fact. Somewhat too sweet for my liking. But, it was good nonetheless. The store itself is worth the visit. Gives off that unicorns and flowers kinda feel. If you know what I mean. Cutesy? I think so. The girls were having fun putting frosting on their faces for some reason. Sillly girls! Haha. I think at this point of the day we were reaching our exhaustion point from 6 hours worth of shopping. Beautiful day out though! Sunshine + family!



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