Back to school.. not.

It's back to school week. Much dreaded, but I am not back to school.. Just yet. Hehe. The extended summer is great right about now. Melanie's finally here, and we've spent some time catching up and hitting up the hot spots in Vancouver. (more to come Mel!) Been rather busy this past week, (with the exception of chill nights) but the weekend is coming to a close! It is however, going to be quite the week, next week. Busy busy busy! And then sleepover w/ Diana and the trip on Saturday !! Can you say stoked? Pa is going back this week. Daddy-free doesn't sound too appealing.. Just because my mom can be quite the nag. And, she doesn't always agree with me on things. But oh wells, time to bond with the rest of the fam. Hitting up town w/ Mel this Saturday. Time for some brunch at the Salty Tongue Cafe (read about it in this month's FLARE) located at Gastown, and shopping around Robson/Granville. I miss days like these. Seems like such eons ago that I went shopping w/ my gfs, and had brunch over our small talks. Fall will def bring more of those to come! Anyways, since I like to plan out schedules and lists as a reminder, here's one for the next week. Out for now, xo.

Sunday: Church + Party in the USA!
Monday: States w/ the four!
Tuesday: Photo shoot w/ Andrew + cutie Rachel!
Wednesday: Work 10-5
Thursday: Lunch w/ Kristine + Sleepover w/ Diana
Friday: Day before the trip + Grocery shopping + Hanging out w/ the four : )
Saturday - Monday: We're in SC trick!


grapefruit said...

sounds like you're planning and packed week! so when are you planning to go into beauty school? =)

Danielle's Blog said...

salty tongue has awesome fresh muffins..sandwiches are alright.

amileinherheels said...

@ elena
i think i'll go either towards the end of this year..or def jan. i wanna work for a bit, earn some $$$ !!
@ danielle
oh okay. good to know. will check it out :) thx!


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