1 Corinthians 11

Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ.

This past weekend, has been nothing short of amazing. I wish I could write down everything that happened at camp, but it would be endless. From the hilarious pranks, funny moments, to the leadership talks and praise & worship.. I couldn't ask for a better weekend. Even though we lacked sleep, it was well worth it. This camp has taught me quite a bit, and has definitely allowed me to step up, and head towards the direction of becoming a leader. Praise and worship was great as well. It was really awesome to see the congregation just open their hearts and souls to worship God. On the last night of praise and worship.. I'm sure most of us could feel His presence, as we sang Reign in Us - Starfield. I guess at that point, everyone just kinda let go, and let God, which was amazing to see. Okay onto the less serious stuff.. Aaron's prank + the kidnapping = priceless. (although i felt a little bad because we helped..sorry Aaron!) And my roomies, nothin' but mad for you girlies! The late night talks and our photoshoots were good times. And the ghost stories session at night? oOooh. Hahaha. But ultimately, this camp wouldn't have been what it was if not for the BHLC fam. Many thanks to the committee who made it possible, for it was again, an amazing experience.

  • Aaron getting owned by the guys
  • Selena getting held hostage by Vinh and Aaron for stealing the pillow
  • Our mini photoshoot at the dock
  • Late night boy + life talks with Kelly, Gloria, Kitty, Evangeline, Kristine
  • Movie night with the group
  • When Aaron Lo let out a little air in the girls' room LOL
  • Starring contest with the guys
  • Gloria's contemperary dance "workshop"
  • Praise and worship with the band
  • Ghost stories with everyone + Sam's hilarious dimsum story
  • Marketing project presentations
Pictures can be found here.

Oh and watch Aaron get owned!

(Edit) I so much want to believe that everything will work out, but it's a little hard. I guess all I can do is pray and put my trust in God and that He'll give me a peace of mind and comfort right now.



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