Walkin' on sunshine

Today was hot! Literally. The rising temperatures have not been helping lately. Heatwave! :( At least in Singapore there's air-conditioning.. But yeah, what better thing to do than head out for some cool shade and cold streaming water? So off to Lynn Canyon we (Elena, Vinh, Angela and myself) went. Lol how ironic that the day before, someone got seriously injured at the same location? Stupid move on their part though. That sure didn't stop us from going. We headed over to the creek, and managed to catch some breeze and chilled for a bit. Good stuff. And after, all you can eat sushi! Pretty fitting considering it's this hot. And thankfully the place had air-conditioning. (okay I know I sound kinda spoiled with the whole a/c thing.. but growing up in Singapore, that was essential! haha) Anyways, we went to Kingsway Sushi for lunch. I guess the service there is alright. But i don't like the fact that they didn't allow people who weren't eating to be at the same table as their friends. Lamesauce. Lol. Oh wells. And now I'm home, and baking in this weather.. Off to camp tomorrow, till Monday! So I'll update you guys when I'm back.


grapefruit said...

lynn canyon was fun. brought back childhood memories ^_^

amileinherheels said...

yeah it was ! good times :) we gotta do that shoot soon elena ;)


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