Just needed to say

You know, I'm grateful for our friendship, and everything you've done for me. Even though I might not show it at times.. Just so you know, you do matter a lot to me. You've been there for the past couple of years, regardless of what happened, and stuck by my side. (yeah cheesy, I know, better appreciate lol) You've always been opinionated about everything, and kept it real by telling me how it is straight up. I know you care a great deal for me, trust me I see it. And I'm sure you know I do too. But at the same time, you seem like you don't. You want my advice, and ask for it, but you never ever listen. Then again, you're really stubborn. It's been 5 years, and you're still the same old stubborn, arrogant guy. You know I can not care. I always will care, that's just my nature. But if you want my opinion, don't blow me off after. Don't just leave it as it is. Don't say you're right, then turn around and do the exact opposite. If you want me to still care, just please don't act the way you do right now. I can only put my two cents worth and show my concern so many times, with the same situation. Sometimes.. I really can't keep up with you.



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