Welcome, love.

This week so far, has been quite a slow one. The rainy, cold weather these past few days hasn't helped either. Where is my summer? I'm sure everyone has been asking themselves that. Although it was somewhat nice to be away from the heat for a couple of days, I do miss Mr.sunshine. The beach days, sunbathing, and BBQs. The weather is looking good though, just in time for the weekend and a little surprise. Next week however, will be quite a busy one. Relatives are over from the states, which is always nice because I haven't seen them in years. It'll be a fam jam for sure. Also, I've been thinking of doing a trip this winter, or fall. Somewhere hot would be nice for Christmas. (if the winter is anything like the last, I'm outta here!) But i might hit up the hometown for September, as Sharon is getting married. Congrats babe ! I sure hope you convincing my daddy works. Drinks @ One Twenty-Six was the last time we hung out! It's been far too long. And also, my cousin-in-law just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Finally a niece in the family. Welcome Arianna Gabrielle! If that trip is a no-go, Domincan Republic anyone? or Maui! Gorgeous beaches are always a fav. destination spot. Speaking of which, I shall do a post sometime soon about the top 10 places I would love to re-visit or vacation at. Out for now, xox.

P.S The chatterbox on the sidebar has been removed, as the comment box finally works! So leave me one if you like : )



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