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Remember that song by Tanya Chua? (well you Singaporeans should know this song, since it was our NDP song awhile back.) Yeah somehow it brought back tons of memories. And yes, I'm still up. And it's 5:21 a.m. Woot. But it was worth it. I just got off the phone with my twin nephews, and boy do I miss them a lot. They're such cuties!! I swear, they are going to be such studs when they grow up. They just had a new addition to their family, Arianna, and she too is such a beautiful baby. Aside from talking to my nephews, (which I had the chance to hear their funny conversation between themselves) I was also on the phone with my uncle, my aunt and my mama. I guess it's times like these that make me want to pack up, and run back to my hometown. I love my family to pieces, and being so far away from them, and missing out on all the milestone moments breaks my heart sometimes. Nostalgia? I think so. My grandparents were the ones who brought me up during my childhood days. And going from being with them 24/7 to only seeing my mama once every few years, saddens me. Like i said before, I don't do well with the long-distance thing lol. Anyways, I'm getting pretty tired. But here's how the conversation went after they had a fight to who would be able to watch the show they wanted..

Obviously I've edited the English a little so it would be understandable, mind you they're only 3.

Rainier: What if I took the bus to Canada? I won't see you anymore. you still want to fight with me? I'm going.. *and he walks away*

Mykel : OK, bye!

Hahaha. How cute eh? But yeah I think I shall get my few hours of sleep before I head out with the boys after. So goodnight my loves!

P.S My aunt got me the pair of shoes I wanted from Charles & Keith. Since I'm not in Singapore to purchase them, she asked me to email the style to her, and she went to look for them and bought them for me. I her!! Much thanks to Sueann who were sporting these shoes during her D&D, which is when I first saw them. She looked hot in them ;) Been looking for a pair like this forever! They're the perfect pair of nude heels with a gladiator-like style. Comparing these to Aldo, I'd say they are a steal!


sam said...

Hot shoessssss. How come I never ever see anything as nice as that in C&K :(

amileinherheels said...

haha me either, till this pair! surprisingly this pair is from C&K. and really a playsuit for prom!? noooOOOo! don't do it. why not go with the sweetheart neckline, and toga like style, but in a dress form? do you remember serena from gg's dress that she wore for the white party? check that one out. it's gorgeous!

Danielle's Blog said...

man i looove those shoes! next time pick me up a pair and i'll pay you back lol

amileinherheels said...

i could ask my aunt to pick up a pair for you if they're still in stock! what size do you wear..? 7 right? i gotta ask her how much it is though, i think it was around $30-40 ish Canadian dollars. might be less.. not too sure. but definitely cheaper than what i've seen in Vancouver.

sara said...

Tessaaaa! i love this post coz it just brings back soo much nostalgia, memories, sentiments..OMG. you really shouldn't have gotten me started =P

but yes i love that song as well, and i only realised last year that sg is where i belong. and i think i have a case of delayed patriotism. ive also realised with people who are dying to leave sg (that was me 5 years back btw lol), they truly learn to appreciate it only when they're gone and can't go back =( sigh. and charles and keith is one of my fave stores there!! their shoes are damn nice n chio! haha and super cheap too. sigh.

but yea, here is great too, and i really mean that when i say it. God blesses us wherever we are. Therefore i better appreciate it even more before i regret AGAIN in the future if things change LOL!

amileinherheels said...

hey sara! yes i miss it :( haha do you remember the kit chan songs? those were good too. don't really like the NDP songs nowadays.. same here, when i was living there, i couldn't wait for a change and to get out of there.. but now, it's like i appreciate the place more, the culture, the people. (minus kiasu-ness HAHA) yeah C&K always have cheap yet still stylish shoes! i quite miss like topshop, and stores like that.

Danielle's Blog said...

i'm actually a size 6. r they comfy? well i guuess don't bug your aunt if it's too out of the way for her. i can go pick up a pair when i visit singapore lol.. whenever that would be : P

amileinherheels said...

well from what my friend said, yes they are. she was out all night with them. the heel isn't that high either. i can ask my aunt to check for you, but yeah from what she said it's pretty popular and sizes run out fast. lol when you visit singapore! that's like.. in a couple of years :P and by that time they won't have it haha

grapefruit said...

yeah i just looked at aldo and saw almost the exact same pair on sale for $56. if danielle is ordering one, i want one too in size 7! hehehe


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