Remember when days were like that?

When you put two crazy girls and their DSLRs together, what do you get ? Tons of silly fun + good times! So much for waking up early and meeting at 10 am sharp eh Mandy? Hehe, it's okay, we were both fashionably late. Headed to Metropolis Metrotown for a bit before lunch and some photography. I so broke my no shopping unnecessarily rule :( I went there determined to find a pair of aviators, but luck wasn't on my side. Couldn't find one I really liked.. so I proceeded to none another than Aritzia to check out some of their summer stuff.. only to find something I liked, and made an order. There goes more of my dollah dollah bills. I couldn't say no to the lavender Wilfred romper. You would all agree it's cute if you saw it! I shall post a picture when it comes in. Anyways, we left the mall after that, just to stop us both from shopping any more haha. Headed to Waterfront, and saw a huge film crew shooting some movie. Nothing new, Vancouver's known for being a good filming venue. After that, we hit up the infamous japadog stands! (the one at Coal Harbour is my favorite location because there's actual seating, the vendors are so friendly, and there's a great view of the harbour.) For those of you who don't know what japadogs are, they're Japanese styled hot dogs served with different dressings, and seaweed + onions. I have to say, it was worth the $6.75. Comparable to Mr.Lai's, but definitely delish. We then walked off the lunch we just ate around the area for a little photography, which gave us a good laugh LOL. (Mandy, you know what i'm talking about) Gastown was our next stop, and boy we started to get tired. We found a store that caught our eye. It had a variety of things, and we spent a good amount of time laughing at the " how to know if you're drunk " sign. "omg this is my favourite song!". Remember that Mandy? Haha. Anyways after that we got pretty tired, (we walked quite a bit!) and Mandy totally forgot she was supposed to be at a birthday party. Whoops. so we both headed back home after that. Overall, it was a pretty awesome day. I think it would be nice to have more days like that. Okay to end this post off, here's the link to the rest of the pictures. Oh, and here's also a little video we did earlier. enjoy! xox


sam said...

Your photos are all so dope! And I can't wait to see that romperrrr, haha I have a major obsession with playsuits now ordered 2 from asos last week.


amileinherheels said...

aw thanks sam! yeah for sure i'll show u the romper. it's so prettty. i wish u could come shop with me! it'll be a never ending shop till you drop =P show me the ones u ordered from ASOS!

sam said...

Yea baby - you + me + shops = all hell breaks loose!

Will show you my loot on msn. But for now

Wanna tailor-make something like that for prom. Of course, something formal enough.

What dyu think!

Anonymous said...

hi i was just passing by and i really like your layout! the photo formats and all. really pretty! :) how did you do it?

amileinherheels said...

ooh sam the blue is nice ! i like how it's sheer at the top, but it's not revealing in anyway. are u sure you want a jumpsuit for prom? LOL or are you just talking about the top part as the design for a dres??

amileinherheels said...

hi anonymous,

thanks! i actually got the basic template from a friend, and played around with it and added my own picture as the layout and such.

sam said...

I want a jumpsuit for prom!!!!! Either toga, or mesh + sweetheart neckline. Silk + chiffon.

Okay, idk. We'll see how long this playsuit phase lasts.


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