In the heart of a village


A couple of weeks ago I made a trip out to Danang and Hoi An in Vietnam. Hoi An is a beautifully preserved town, also a world heritage site (recognized by UNESCO!) located in central Vietnam. On one of the days that we were there, my cousin Jolene and I went on a photowalk with Etienne, and it quickly became one of the highlights of my trip. (We also met two lovely Canadian folks. One being from Vancouver as well. What are the odds!) I highly recommend joining his tour if you're ever in the vicinity. It was a great way to explore a new place, learn about the Vietnamese culture, meet the locals and interact with them. 

We had the opportunity to meet with some wonderful individuals, hear their stories and share life with them. (I also had THE best Banh Mi ever, made by a lady we met while in the fishing village.) I miss Vietnam. I know I'll be back, but in the meantime -- here are some photographs from that day. I'll be posting more of a travel guide up next!

P.S. The lovely gentleman in the last few photos.. he goes by the name of Le Sa, and he has an incredible life story. Read it here

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Trusen Whise said...

You really have the perfect fashion sense. Love your outfit!

Linda said...

What an incredible story! Lovely photos, too, thank you so much for sharing.


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