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DSC_1713m Well this week went by rather slowly. Although.. a highlight would have to be when I had the opportunity to listen to and meet the lovely Maysoon Zayid. Seriously, this woman is talented, inspiring and laugh out loud hilarious. Check out her TED Talk video here.

A couple of weekends ago, the fam and I decided to check out the new (well, kinda new) Sea to Sky Gondola. Had to lug my camera along with me, of course. It is definitely a breath of fresh air to connect offline and spend some quality time with my favorite people.. as much of my week is spent working behind a screen. 

I absolutely love being in nature. It is one of the things that remind me how great our creator is. And to find abundance in the simple. On another note, I can't wait to travel again. Lining up some trips for the new year (can you believe it's almost November?!).. and I'm so stoked! Some unfamiliar grounds, but I sense an adventure ahead. Hope y'all are having a good week and enjoyed these snapshots!

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Julie Hoang said...

Omgosh, this place looks amazing & your photos are incredible! x

Jo said...

Hello Tessa, it has been some time since I come here too since we are connected on IG. As usual, you always take such amazing photos and I'm always very awed by your travel photos or home photos (they look as enviable as travel photos too). I'm glad you got to spend some time with nature with your family.

Tessa, it is so nice to see you here again even though we are alwats seeing each other on Instagram! It is quite difficult to find a fellow Singaporean in this blogging community. Ok actually there are a lot of sg bloggers but somehow I don't feel so connected to them. I find many sg bloggers writing diary-like entries and for those more famous ones, their posts are full of reviews. There isn't much interaction with readers too. That's why I really appreciate the warmth from international bloggers. The connection feels more genuine. Yes, I realise that I dunno much about you too even though we've known each other on our blogs for a few years. We have to get to know each other more!

Joana Chaves said...

These posts remind me how much I really should be going out as opposed to how often I stay in. I'm such a lazy bum though.

I need to move it.

Tania said...

This is so beautiful. When I visited Vancouver, this wasn't open yet! Definitely need to plan a trip back for this.

xx freshfizzle


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