LFW 14' ♥

Happy Wednesday folks! Okay, I didn't exactly go to fashion week, but my cousin Rebekah did. (I wish I did.) So let me live vicariously through her and enjoy this moment until reality sinks in that I sold my soul to the corporate world. (Have I mentioned the honorary president of her school is Jimmy Choo? Yes, THE Jimmy Choo.)

So glad that my cousins also have a knack for photography, and quite enjoy it too. I recall when Rebekah got her first DSLR.. from the days of auto focus, to her shooting street style for NYLON Singapore. Definitely pushes and inspires me to start up street style photography in Vancouver again. I guess we shall see. Check out her blog for more photos!

DSC_018211 DSC_0138(1)11 DSC_0131(1)11 DSC_0160(2)11



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