Postcards from the North Shore ♥

Upon recommendation from Pablo, we made our way to the quaint little surf town of Hale'iwa. I believe it was about an hour's drive from Waikiki? But to be honest I didn't keep track of time as I was happily snapping away! Another field day for the camera. Not knowing what to expect really, we just drove along the Kamehameha Highway, and made pit stops that caught our eye. Best way to explore right?

We soon stumbled upon a beautiful, almost private beach just off the highway. Nestled on the North Shore of Oahu, is the picturesque Laniakea Beach aka Turtle beach! A little secluded and less of a crowd.. it is the place where the turtles come to bask in the sun! Now our quick stopover only gave me a few minutes to photograph.. but boy it was worth it. Maybe not so much the dashing across the road and almost getting killed part though. Super bummed I didn't see any wild turtles, but it only gives me a reason to come back again. Hawaii.. you sure are nothing short of amazing.

After a "quick" run to the local supermarket for lunch (where my mum and aunts ended up with bags and bags of food), we then found ourselves at Turtle Bay resort. I wished I had stayed here, but I didn't.. so I'll just pretend I had the luxury of staying here. Lets just say it definitely felt more like a remote getaway for couples.. but I did enjoy taking shelter from a random guy's umbrella hut to avoid getting torrential rained on. Great way to meet a new guy friend. Perhaps more on that later.

We left shortly after as we had to make our way to the Polynesian Cultural Center for the luau and Breath of Life show! It was a refreshingly entertaining and enriching experience. Until next time :)



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