Seaside Cruisin' ♥

Halona blowhole is one spot we frequently passed by, as it is right by the main highway route. A quick stopover turned into some of my favorite photographs. This place is always scattered with tourists (especially massive tour buses) and locals alike, but so far parking here hasn't been a problem, despite the number of people that visit each day.

The blowhole is a basically a rock formation that spews water out of the blowhole, resembling a water fountain. (The Fountains of Bellagio has nothing on this! Haha jk.) Check for high tides as that's when the blowhole is most active. To the left of the blowhole is Sandy Beach, and to the right is a little getaway gem called Halona Beach Cove, if you manage to make your trek down! Many overlook this somewhat-hidden gem as the trek down appears daunting.. but you definitely won't regret it! Next up.. Pali lookout! One of my favorite spots from this trip.



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