Down by the Bay ♥

Hanauma Bay. This had to be the highlight of the trip. There's something magical about being underwater. That adrenaline of the unknown (I freaked out a little when this gigantic fish swiftly swam under me.), the atmosphere.. nothing quite like it. It's almost like an entirely different world down there. Of course, it was nothing short of being picturesque. My camera was having a field day. Unfortunately I don't have many clear pictures while snorkeling :( Note to self: invest in a waterproof case for my s100.

It costs $7 per person for entry, but it is so worth it. And I believe rentals for snorkeling gear was around $15? Best money I've spent in awhile! Upon your entry, you'll have to watch a video about the preservation of the coral reefs, and the bay itself. As well, the history of this beautiful nature reserve. If you're in Oahu, this is a must! I could spend an entire day here. Perhaps I will think about getting my diving cert.. Hmm. 



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