Aloha, I'm back! ♥

Aloha, folks! I'm back in the blogging game.. I think. Will be jet setting off to Asia next week, so bear with me as I try to pump out the Hawaii posts. Took me forever to narrow down as to which photos I should post.. so I decided to post in a 5 part series! Or more.

This was definitely a much needed week-long vacation to paradise. Needless to say, I was not ready to leave when the day to depart came and I even questioned if this was a place I perhaps.. could live some day. (I fall in love with most places I visit. It's a bit of a problem.) To be honest, Hawaii was not on the top of my list of places to visit. It was a last minute decision that led me to visit this beautiful state. And there was no turning back from there. This island reminded me a lot of the old Singapore. Oddly. The aged walk-up apartments, the greenery along the roadsides.. to name a few. Most of the city was quite dated, apart from the Waikiki strip. I kinda like that. Sometimes it's good preserve the past, and have a little reminder of where we came from.

First day in, we decided to conquer Diamond Head. Koko crater looked a bit daunting (Hello stair master!), so this was our first choice. And boy, the view sure did not disappoint. Beautiful coastlines, cool breeze, and postcard worthy scenery.. what more could I ask for?

Of course we couldn't leave without a treat. Being smart business owners, the food trucks awaited us on our trek down, and we went straight for the shaved ice. FYI, do not get the coconut. Kinda tasted like the creams you'd use lol. But Passion fruit is a big thumbs up. Stay tuned for Halona Blowhole and shrimp trucks next! :) 



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