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So.. there's this misconception that Singapore isn't quite on par on the global scale of fashion. That it isn't a "fashionable" city. And well, people don't usually go to Singapore for fashion per se (We've had some of fashion's biggest names embrace our city though.), as our food and shopping is probably what places us high on the tourism scale. But I think this city is really starting to experience it's fashion golden age at the moment.

Oh, and the weather probably has a BIG part to do with the fact that we keep our dressing light haha. We have four seasons too. Hot, hotter, hottest and unbearable. I mean, who in their right mind would wear leather boots, scarves, or a jacket for that matter in such scorching, humid weather? (I've seen some Singaporean fashion bloggers in them. Don't know how they do it.. but hey A/C probably helps! A lot.) Ultimate sweat fest. Thus, we're limited to the basics and the minimal. For a city that's right on the equator, all I'd want to live in is shorts and tees! 

I have lived in Singapore for half of my life, and well.. even when I'm back there for vacation, I too, have succumbed to place comfort first before style. (Although, I'm going to make a conscious effort this September to change that around.. Or try to.)

But perhaps some of these pictures will leave a different impression. (I just love those striking highlighter green shorts and jelly sandals!) Thanks to my younger cousin, Rebekah for them! Proud of her for going out of her comfort zone and approaching people for these! It can be quite intimidating.. haha. Can't wait to continue this street style feature during my travels!

Oh and the last picture, is a street style snap from Zurich, Switzerland. Gotta love that Kenzo sweater/Zara pants combo. Too rad. 


Katy said...

Love all you photographs as always. I've always wanted to visit Singapore and sadly I didn't make it in my last Asia trip. Now I know who to go to for recommendations when I do go. ;)

Krissy ~ style san san said...

Love the street snap of the girl wearing those Zara pants! Love her outfit!
Would love the visit Singapore someday, but yeah, the heat would definitely get to me! Haha!

amileinherheels said...

Thanks girl :D Yess!!! I'll be more than happy to recommend places/food/things to do :)

Me too! Those pants are amazing. I think you'll get used to the heat after a few days! Usually that's the case for most.. but still an awesome city to visit :)


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