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So.. I'm finally blogging. Seems like these episodes of hiatus are getting more common. But I think this is worthy enough for a comeback post!

When I first took on the project of Hope for Dalit Women with Betty, I wanted to keep an open-mind for the endless possibilities that would hold in this journey. I knew I wanted to continue to support, and create a platform to share with others about the Dalits. I had been blessed with an opportunity to visit India, and now.. it was my turn to be a blessing. Sure we had limited funds, shortage of manpower and unforeseen bumps ahead. But I still remained hopeful. I was filled with creative juice, and the faith that nothing is impossible.

Then.. the bumps came at full force. Gradually but seemingly more challenging. I was getting tired. I was weary. Then I fell ill. What started off as a cough eventually became a diagnosis for acute Bronchitis. Yay. It couldn't have come at a worse timing. I had so much to do, and also recently had to deal with a loss in the family. Being sick was just another hindrance. I started to question my ability and the direction we were going with this. Am I taking on too much? Am I relying more on my capabilities and not enough on God? Where is this going? What's next? But that's why He gives us a lamp to our feet. So we may only see a few steps ahead, and the rest is where trust and faith comes in. 

God doesn't give you what you can't handle. If He puts you through it, He will see you through it.  I realized I was trusting too much on my own capabilities, and not His. Perhaps being sick was a way for me to slow down, and rest. I needed to take some time to reflect and be reminded of the purpose of it all. Be reminded of why I do what I do.

We had received an email update from India, from the first vocational center in the same community as our Living Hope school. To hear about the progress update, re-inspired me. It was amazing to see the lives of these women transformed and empowered. Women who have been given the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills. Women who now have self-worth and radiate confidence. Women who now have the hope that can bring freedom. It ignited a passion and purpose for change that had slowly faded initially. It finally rained on the dry season that desperately needed revival.  

On a closing note, I just wanted to say that I am deeply encouraged by the people that have stepped forward to be a part of this. For you, I am thankful. Although it has been quite a roller coaster thus far, I am grateful. He has dreamed an even bigger dream than I ever could for myself, and it's my time to be the light. He didn't promise it'd be a breeze through this journey, but I take heart, because He has overcome the world.

P.S For those in the Vancouver, B.C area, our event is now up and open for invites on Facebook! For more information, feel free to email me or check out our Thread of Hope page on DFN's website. Hope to see you all there on June 1st! :)



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