Back here once again ♥

“You’re not going to have a really incredible experience each time you take a photograph. So you just keep taking them. And taking them and taking them. And then, every once in a while, it happens.”

Lately, I have been in what you can call.. a photography rut. I haven't been inspired, and I rarely take my camera out. Every so often, I find myself here once again. Sometimes, I have bursts of creative flow and ideas and I get overly excited about it, but at times.. it's dead quiet. 

India for me was the peak and highlight of my photography journey. You could say being there.. was a photographer's dream. I found myself constantly snapping away, and both my memory cards would be filled up by the end of the day. It was magical. Frame after frame left me in awe. 

But now that I'm back in Vancouver.. I haven't been photographing as much. I need my groove back. I miss capturing the beauty of life. And for those moments to capture me. Hopefully I'll find it soon. In the meantime, here are some favourites from the archives I left hanging!


Krissy ~ style san san said...

I hope one day I could visit India sometime! ^^ ~

Jo said...

I saw many great photograpghs of India too. Those lifestyle kind, people kind, emotions kind and just those fleeting moments. India is definitely a photographer's haven.

Except for the first photo, the rest do not seem like they are in India? Correct me if I'm wrong.

Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

I love the colours of your photographs! If you had a Flickr account, I would honestly probably favourited all of them, haha :P

I feel the same way about photography. Especially after my camera got stolen, I realized I took photography for granted :( now I just feel like snapping away but I got nothing... I suggest try shooting street downtown in the next few weeks when the leaves are changing and everyone is bundled up.. with the golden hour sunlight :D

amileinherheels said...

Do it if you get the opportunity to :) It's a beautiful nation with amazing people. Life-changing.

It totally is! I can't wait to go back there, to diff parts of India. Miss it heaps already. Oh the first photo is in Chinatown, Vancouver, Canada :P None were in India!

Thank you girl! That means a lot :) I'll def try golden hour! Maybe sneak in an outfit post during that time :P You should post pics up on your blog too!!!



Your images are beautiful and your words are just as lovely! Keep at it & the inspiration will hit you upside the head soon :-)


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Slava said...

It happens to me too.. but I come out of it feeling more inspired than ever. And so will you!

Wishing you a fast recovery :)

Meera said...

I am from India and I absolutely agree: it is a photographer's dream! These pictures are stunning. You are an incredible photographer! What a lovely post.

xoxo, Meera
twitter + instagram: @meeranavlakha

Carolyn said...

your photos are gorgeous! india sounds like a dream to photograph too. what filters do you use? they're so pretty

Jacquelyn said...

Tessa, you really take such amazing photos! You are so talented! I'm sure you'll get your groove back in no time :) Hope you enjoyed your weekend!


amileinherheels said...

Thank you!! Update coming up real soon :)

Thanks girl <3

Thank you! It most definitely is. I can't wait to head back there again :)

Thanks girl! I actually just play around with the editing on photoshop :)

Thank you for your kind words girl! I'm excited to get back into the groove of things again :)

Aney Mei said...

Wow your snapped photographs are beyond beautiful and so inspiring! I definitely want to pick up photography now.. I haven't made use of my camera for awhile asides from the typical outfit posts.

Keep doing what you're doing Tessa - I would love to see more of these. Your family portraits + India photos are lovely!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures! :)

Ange said...

wow! your pics are amazing!!! going to start following after i finish this comment lol Just wondering which photoshop you use.. adobe?? if so what version ???


amileinherheels said...

Thank you! :) I see that you're a fellow Vancouverite as well! I use CS 4!


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