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This is why I loved being in Vegas. To be surrounded by such beautiful, majestic creations and stunning colours of nature. Just couldn't get enough of it. On our last day, we did a drive through Red Rock. We took a little longer than expected at each stop (Sorry JX!), but the photos are evident as to why. So one thing about travelling with my cousins, we love to snap photos. There were three girls on this trip, and well.. all three took every photo opportunity presented. Doesn't help that we had four cameras going as well. Two DSLRs, One point and shoot, and well.. the iPhone. It could either be a good or bad thing with whoever else that travels with us haha! Do you guys have any photography enthusiasts in the family?

Oh, and funny side story. I wore a dress to this place. Note-to-self: Never again. Climbing rocks and hiking in a dress and TOMS? Not a good idea. I have a funny photo to prove it. Ask and I might just show you.


Phuong said...

i love vegas, so beautiful

Travel in Style

Carolyn said...

the endless desert is gorgeous <3

Label me Addict said...

OMG!!! I LOVE the photographs you took here. REALLY gorgeous and simply BEAUTIFUL. i need a trip to vegas but not now... SURELY one day in the very near future hahaha... MISSED ya

Label me ADDICT


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