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I'm a bit of a TV girl. Okay, maybe a lot. I love watching my television shows, dramas, movies.. series.. whatever. List goes on. So when the Warner Brothers' VIP Studio Tours was on the itinerary, I was delighted and excited. (More like a kid in a candy store.) I have to say, our tour guide for the day was awesome. He knew all the inside scoop and actually let us on certain sets that were off limits! What a rebel he was. Me being me.. I basically went OMG at every TV show set I recognized. (Hey it was cool seeing it.) That includes Hart of Dixie, with Rachel Bilson, Friends, True Blood, Pretty Little Liars, The Ellen Show, Party Rock Anthem and then some. It was very interesting seeing how things worked behind the scenes, and also checking out the infamous prop house. Some of the pieces in there cost over $5 million dollars! Cray. We saw some celebrities on set, but I didn't recognize them so I didn't bother with photos haha.

But, I'll have to say I was the most starstruck being in the actual set of Friends. Growing up watching that series, and owning all 10 seasons.. I was a huge fan of that show. And I still love re-watching the episodes every now and then. 

After the studio tours, we headed for some unhealthy, and gross grub aka. McDonalds. I'm so, so sick of American grub. Guess I'm too spoiled for choice coming from Singapore, and living in Vancouver. Anyways, we were off to the Staples Center to catch the Lakers vs. Cavaliers game! I'll be completely honest.. and say I got a little bored from time to time. Definitely a hockey girl at heart. Go Canucks Go :) Kobe of course was the all-star, and we also had some celeb sightings which was kinda cool. Apparently Jack Nicholson rarely misses a game. And right next to him was Mr.Adam Sandler! It was quite an awesome day. Spent the remanding days in L.A with family, and friends. It was so good to catch up. Think I'll be back soon enough. L.A holds a special place in my heart :) And.. my Grand Uncle and Grand Aunt are the coolest people ever. 


camerafilmroll said...

Omg I'm heading to LA this June! So excited to read about your adventures and look at your pictures, especially the ones from instagram. Your pictures are amazing. (: Absolutely can't wait for my turn!

Happy Chinese New Year to you, Tessa!

Label me Addict said...

Hey Love,

how have you been ? well seems like you are having a great time in CALI!!!

Anyways Happy Dragon Chinese New Year

Sharon Lei said...

OMG Tessa! You are so lucky to have visited the Friends set! SO AMAZEBALLS! Friends was/is one of my fave shows (I own at 10 seasons too!) and I re-watch the series all the time. lol. I'm a freak! Haha.

I need a Cali trip STAT! Hopefully the Pirate and I will be headed out to San Fran in March. Fingers crossed!

Hope you've been well, my dear. Muah!

xx Love & Aloha

amileinherheels said...

Ahhh I'm excited for you! :) Let me know if you need any info on anything girl! Hope you're doing well!! XO

@Label me Addict
I've been good babe!! How are YOU :) Happy Chinese New Year to you as well!

I loveee Friends. Probably my all time fave sitcom ever. Yes you do! Oooh San Fran :) I wanna go to where you are!!! I hopefully will be planning a trip to Hawaii soon :)


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