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I was up late the other night.. just couldn't seem to fall asleep. (What's new, right? Haha.) I guess it's because there's been a lot on my mind lately. I thought about all the things I wanted to do, and wrote them down on paper. Most of them involve me being in other parts of the world.

Ever since my Asia trip, I've been on what you can call.. a travel high. I've been wanting to explore and see more parts of the world, experience more cultures, and document them. However, I think I've just about maxed out my travelling plans for the rest of this year. There's LA with the girls coming up in a few which I'm very excited for though! I came across this article awhile back, stating reasons as to why you should travel when you're young. And I couldn't agree more. So give it a read if you have the time. Maybe it'll inspire you to take that backpacking trip in Europe. Go hiking in the Himalayas. Cook up a storm with groceries you bought from a floating market in Thailand.. or volunteer at a village school in India.

Now with all that being said, I think being able to travel is a privilege, and a blessing. So if you get the opportunity to travel, I say do it. Go. Create your own adventures. Live life. Make memories and seize the moments, because they are going to be incredible. So what are some of the crazy things on your bucket list? Do share! I'd love to hear them :)


Anonymous said...

traveling has always been a big love of mine. i was fortunate enough to see some amazing places while i was living in europe, however there are about hundreds more places to explore...

i don't have a official bucket list, but a dream of mine would be to travel to italy and live there for several months learning the language, the culture, learning to cook italian and live life little less hectic. simple, right? :)

Matina said...

yes! this is so inspiring. i feel the exact same way about traveling. i try to go somewhere new and exciting at least once a year, and although it makes me broke by the end of it, it is worth every penny that i saved up for it! xxxx

Joanne said...

I'm pretty sure you can cross off #17 on your bucket list. Sharing this post is pretty inspiring.
I don't have a bucket list but maybe I'll make one soon.
I love making lists! of anything and everything.:)
I wish I travelled more when I was younger but for some reason the travelling bug never bit. My sister, however, loves to travel. She's been to lots of different countries. Her most recent trip was to India (3wks) & China (1wk). She's more adventurous than me & my other sister.
Thanks for sharing this post. :)

Teresa said...

This is an amazing list you have here! I especially love #5.

Katy said...

This is such an inspiring post! I want to see the world too. I'm about to buy an apartment downtown but now I'm rethinking it because maybe I should buy a cheaper place, suck it up and use my money to travel instead. Memories > Materialistic Things

amileinherheels said...

Europe would be next on my list!! I would LOVE to be there. Just photowalking all day.. enjoying the food and main attractions! That's a good item to put on the bucket list ;)

Hey girl! Glad you're doing just that now :) Really enjoying your posts! Can't wait till Singapore :D

Awww thanks girl <3 I love making lists too! Haha I'm such a lists type of girl. I would def love to visit India sometime soon on a missions trip :) It would be a blessing to go!

Thanks girl!!

Thanks :D TRAVEL!!! Haha I'd totally agree with you on the memories > materialistic things. We only live once, right? :)

Jo said...

"So if you get the opportunity to travel, I say do it. Go. Create your own adventures. Live life. Make memories and seize the moments, because they are going to be incredible."

I'm living by this now. I used to be so busy with work that I travel only once a year. This year, I've been to 4 different countries and there would be a 5th one up next. Never has this happened to me before.

I'm glad to hear our similar ideals and that you're also doing this.

Carpe Diem!

amileinherheels said...

Thanks babe! YES Singaporeans need to travel more hahaha. Always so stress with work and no time for travels!! But wow that's awesome :) Can't wait to see your pics!!


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