For the first time ♥

So much has gone on these past few days. (Much would actually be an understatement.) I don't exactly know where to start. Work has commenced as usual, and the routine of things are slowly getting back its momentum. These next few months are going to unveil a series of changes. Good change, change I'd need some time to get used to.. and some rather unwanted ones. Time to take a leap of faith, with God by my side. Yes I'm being rather ambiguous with this post, but when the time comes.. the news will be shared, I promise :) To those who know, you already know why.

But with all that being said, I'm excited.. nervous, and relieved. All that was needed to be said, was said. Most importantly, I have support from the people I love most. Hmm also been thinking of starting up outfit posts again for the longest time. Maybe I shall get to that next. December is going to be a magical month. You'll soon find out why. Oh and I just thought I'd include some photos that reflect our current weather. Took those the other day when I was out shooting with Lily! Until next time, XO.


cryskay said...

you always take the most gorgeous photos! & i cant believe i wasn't following you on twitter - i thought i was? well im excited for your visit! xx

Carolyn said...

i like your tattoo placement..

Danielle's Blog said...

Pretty leaves, and good luck with your plans for Nov/Dec and the next few months though I'm not sure if I know what they are. Faith is a big word right now and so far it's going well.

theversastyle said...

gorgeous photos!! the read leaves are stunning!


Jo said...

I dunno what your cryptic post mean but I hope you embrace this change with all positive energy!

Have a magical month!

Bernie said...

You are such a talented photographer!! Vancouver is brimming with talented photographers it seems!

I have added your blog to my new Vancouver blog directory - I hope you don't mind!

Feel free to promote your amazing photography by posting in our forums! It is bare in there right now but it is receiving a good amount of traffic so take advantage of the early stages of our forum while you still can!

Thank you and I hope to see more of your work!!

amileinherheels said...

Oh I thought you were too :P No worries! YES I can't wait to seeee you!! And shop and snap photos :P

It's actually a friend of mine's :P

Thanks D! Will tell you all about it soon :)

Thank you :)

Thanks babe!!

Thank you for your compliment! Appreciate it :) & thanks for the add as well! Sounds good I'll check it out soon :)

Elle said...

Your photos are gorgeous, and I love that tattoo! Does that say 'balance?'


amileinherheels said...

Thank you! Yup it does :) It's a friend of mine's tattoo.

- CC said...

I love the tattoo!& Your shots are stunning. Love your blog <3 xx


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