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I finally have time to sit down and blog. It's only my third day in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.. and we've done more than I can imagine. The weather took a little toll on me, but I'm slowly getting used to it. Kaohsiung wasn't what I expected at all. Then again, I didn't really have any expectations to begin with. This city reminded me very much of an old town. A place where my grandmother would fit right in. Everything is a bit dated, but it gives this city a charm like no other. From the mass amounts of scooters on the streets, to the local street vendors.. Kaohsiung is a city with so much culture and history. And I love that. I mean, where else can you see grandmothers on pink scooters racing down the street at such speed?

Food here is also extremely cheap. We literally paid CAD $4 for a ton of breakfast for four. Xiao Long Baos included! Oh and have I mentioned Taiwanese people are very hospitable? They're really friendly and personable. Easy to start and carry a conversation with. Of course, my mandarin isn't quite up to par just yet. But I'm getting there! I'm pretty surprised myself I was able to carry a conversation for 30 minutes entirely in Mandarin. Guess I didn't forget all of it after all. Pablo's family is awesome. They've been such great hosts thus far. And we're hanging out more tomorrow! Can't wait. We're leaving for Kenting on Monday, and I'm super stoked. Time to soak up the sun, crash the waves, and get rid of my awful TOMS tan. (I just might post a picture. But it's not a pretty sight.) I'm a bit lazy to post the photos on my blog, so I'll just link it here. I'm off to the night market in a bit, so I'll end it off here. Until next time! xo


Lindsay said...

I can't wait to see all of your pictures! I've always wanted to go there!

Katy said...

I wish I was there.

MagLee said...

I totally hear you on the TOMS tan. I wore mine to hk...not a pretty sight!!

Label me Addict said...

i am so JEALOUS that you can just go away for a MONTH like that butt know you have been planning it for months!!!

anyways seems like your enjoying yourself and i am hoping to read more soon...

Label me ADDICT ♥

amileinherheels said...


Just posted a bunch :)

Come to Taiwan!! You'd love it girl! A must see on an Asia vacay.

It actually got really bad hahaha. But now that I'm back.. my boots cover that hideous tan!

@Label me Addict
Thanks girl! Super busy la .. Singapore was amazing. More on that later :)


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