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So I'm sure those of you who live in Vancouver know that this Summer started.. well, a little late. I wasn't counting on an eventful Summer because half of it seemed to be stuck in Spring, as well, work was keeping me indoors most of the time. But.. I'm ecstatic for my upcoming trip! My dad's + girlfriends' challenge to me is to pack light. So I'm going to try and do so this time. (Goodbye overpacking!) Key word, try. Haha! Here are a  few key pieces I need to have in my luggage, as I'll be living out of that for the next month. Denim, crochet, sandals, fedoras, and accessories! When in doubt, accessorize. Pack a bunch of basics, and lug the accessories along. My new rule: Pack light, and rotate pieces. What are some of your must haves for jet settin'?


Melissa said...

"Packing light" can also mean lighter materials such as sheer/silk blouses. Then you can bring MORE ;) LOL.
I'd say an essential is a loose plain white blouse. You can play up so many looks with it.

Danielle's Blog said...

I must have sunscreen! And comfy shoes for walking is a must (esp if I'm going shopping).

cryskay said...

lovelovelove! i'm seriously in LOVE with this outfit. this is perfect look for my hawaii trip! & if/when i ever am in vancouver - we'll definitely need to meet up. :) xx

amileinherheels said...

SO true! Haha I have quite a few silk items, but they always need steaming before it's worn out :( Definitely have that in the luggage! Always a staple :)

I want to get really dark. Realllly dark. Sunscreen may not be necessary hahaha! Ooh yes. My comfort shoes? TOMS :)

You should totally wear this to Hawaii!! Lucky girl, I wanna go too!! Take lots of pictures when you're there yeah? :) Oh and YES come visit me!!! <3 I'll take you shopping hehe

Katy said...

The words "packing" and "light" do not go in the same sentence for me.

Selena said...

Lol wear sunscreen anyway Tessa!! You don't want hyperpigmentation or anything like that either!!

And remember, you must pack lightly to make more space for new things to bring back :) :)

My must-pack items include my skin regiment products, perfume, undergarments, and all sorts of shoes lol I had an entire suitcase for shoes when I moved here.

amileinherheels said...

Haha I must learn to master that combo for this trip!!

True.. I have the worst tan right now. TOMS + flipflops. Oh wells. Mmm skin products. So important!! LOL you equally love shoes as much as I do. I brought 10 pairs back last time


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