The colours of Monday ♥

Guess who I met up with today? It was none other than the lovely Jen of herwaisechoice! It was so good to finally meet her, and talk over lunch at Burgoo (Awesome service by the friendly staff, and good food!). Of course we did some shopping as well. Window shop of course! The Summer sales so did not help.. but we managed to pass on them. *Pats own back*

I'm sure many of you know that I hardly ever do outfit posts. Mainly because I hate using the tripod, and I don't have the time for it as well. But thanks to Jen I have something new to post in a very long while! Oh and those wedges I'm wearing.. my absolute fav right now. Comfort and style at it's best.

And here's Jen with her outfit!

Oh and here's how my week went! I'm sure you'll get quite a good laugh out of this, as did I. My friends are quite the awesome bunch :)


cryskay said...

gorgeous photos as always!! xx

aliciafashionista said...

more outfit photos please please pretty please!!! Love your figure + style Tessa :) If you ever want to meet up for outfit photos I'm so in. Jen is so sweet, glad you ladies had fun xo

Becky said...

I love both of your outfits :) Cute top!

Jenny said...

tessa, you need to gimme a list of where your stuff is from! :D and whats your watch?

Serefielle said...

Great pictures! I just started my own blog too~

serenadeveryday said...

It's still wintery in Vancouver?! I thought it was only in the bay area. I wouldn't have been able to tell looking at your photos. I can see why you love those wedges. Any possibility that you'll have a side view of those shoes? I'm on the hunt for the perfect summer sandals. Digging the purse and high weighted bottoms. You should do more outfit posts. =D

Just read your previous post; reminded me a lot of what happened here in a neighboring city, Oakland. They were rioting because a bart security officer basically got away with murdering an African American man (I think on NYE). It was pure chaos and the city was a mess. It's interesting how something so horrible can pull everyone in a community together.

OH... as for summer plans... I have nothing planned. Well I'm in the process of planning a trip to Malibu, CA with some girl friends but that's still in the early stages. Nothing is definite yet. How about you? I know you've already done quite some traveling but summer has barely started.

<3 S.

t said...

Great outfits! I'd love to do a meet up sometime too! :)

StylishForever said...

You have a fab blog girlie! Such an amazing style you have :)

amileinherheels said...

@Becky Thanks girl! It's one of my favourite shirts to throw on! Boyfriend style at it's best :)

Ok only for you ;)Mmm let's see..
Plaid bf shirt - TNA
Bustier tank - Wilfred
Pants - Zara
Caramel wedges - Aldo (SO comfy!!! Surprisingly.)
Belt - Came with pants!
Bag - Vintage from Front & Co.

Thanks! Will check out yours :)

It rained just yesterday!!! It's already almost July and Summer isn't here yet :( I'll try! I think I'll do those more often :) Ooh I'll email you a side view of those shoes!

Yeah definitely proud of this city for pulling together and helping restore it back to what it was :)

Ooh nice! I would LOVE to go to malibu. Beaches!! I'm travelling to Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, Hong Kong & Taiwan in Sept for a month :D That's all my plans for the year I think haha. Going to be soooo broke when I'm back.

Thanks girl! Yeah that'd be cool :)

Thank you!!! :D


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