I like to keep things neutral ♥

I like to keep things netural
I've been a bit bored with my wardrobe lately. Doesn't help that the colours I'm naturally drawn to are the neutrals. Can't go wrong with basic colours, right? Work and planning has taken a bit of a toll on me, and I haven't been feeling the greatest. Maybe that's why it's reflective in my choice of colours. But that's not an excuse to dress poorly! Although.. I've opted out my heels for flats and wedges as of late. Comfort at it's best, here's my go-to work outfit.


serenadeveryday said...

This is a fabulous work outfit. There's nothing wrong with neutrals. I LOVE neutrals. I'm loving the accessories, the turquoise bracelet and ring. Now if only I were able to hunt down these pieces in real life.

I was reading through your previous post. Kind of interesting how it's been a year (over a year?) since you mentioned leaving Singapore behind and moving to Vancouver. I remember that was one of the first posts I read of yours. How times have changed. I feel like everyone hits a crossroad every now then. I think it's a good thing. You don't settle and strive for more. I think it's good that you are able to look back and reflect on the past.

<3 S.

Anonymous said...

I love neutrals too! And comfort is definitely a plus =) That's a super cute work outfit.

BlushBuzz said...

I'm such a neutral girl too! But this year, i'm trying to infuse color w/ them. Makes it easier since i have my base :) Btw...i love the necklace and rings :)

Danielle's Blog said...

I like the clutch/wallet! Do you actually own the exact same one? Did you also get a new watch? Trousers. Again I will have to purposely go search out a pair one day.

amileinherheels said...

Thanks! I love how all the colours go together :) Definitely comfort first!!

I always try and add pops of colour every now and then, but it really depends on my mood. Sometimes I'll go all out and mix prints + bold colours. Gotta love days like that. Otherwise.. I'm usually very neutrally dressed haha. & Thanks :)

Me toooo. But the price is definitely not in my budget.. for now haha. Nope I don't, I wish I did lol. Yes to trousers! Try Zara. Their staple line of trousers are pretty awesome. And I'm actually thinking of getting this watch.. it's a fraction of what I paid for my Michael Kors one.

Selena said...

Well it's not like you're sporting sneakers or clogs lol

That ring on the bottom right looks very you :)

I hope you're feeling better by now Tessa!! God will never give you more than you can handle, add oil :)

amileinherheels said...

Hahaha actually.. clogs have made a comeback. Believe it or not. YES! I love that ring. I might just pick it up when I'm back in Singapore. Or it could be my Christmas gift to myself haha. & Thanks for your kind words Sel! Missssing you here in Vancouver :(

Unknown said...

love the outfit....
how did u get the pics all on one 'photo' like that?
u know like a collage

amileinherheels said...

Thanks! Via


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