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If you've heard of Wong Fu Productions, you'd know that their work never ceases to amaze. I'd have to say this is one of my favourite shorts from Phil. (Absolutely loved the soundtrack by Jesse Chui as well. It's crazy how music is able to speak for what is being captured, and enhances the very emotions in this short.) The story line is beautifully written as always, but it's how he captured the very essence of Taiwan that I loved. It truly evoked what the culture, the people, and the place is about. (Makes me even more excited for my trip to Taiwan in September!) Of course, the message behind this story is always one to take with you.

With that being said, it has inspired me to do something during my trip. I know I have talked about vlogs, and quick snapshots of the places.. but it'd be nice to bring back something from the trip that I can keep for years to come. A video that tells a story. One that captures the very moments I've experienced. Little snippets of the places I can share with you, so that you can appreciate it too. (Of course it wouldn't be as amazing as Phil's haha, but I'll try my best!)


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cryskay said...

i watched that wfp short last night and it made my heart melt. they make such wonderful videos & i love phil. what a cutie. xo

amileinherheels said...

YES! We need to get a video rolling for our trip ;)

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