Not a lady who lunches ♥

Ever heard of that term,"Ladies who lunch"? Well.. I think after this high tea session, I'm good for not going for high teas for quite some time. Not my cup of tea unfortunately! My aunt is in town for a couple of weeks, and I thought it'd be nice to take her out for something a little more on the fancier side, where we could chat, and catch up. Saw this on dealfind, and thought I should give it a try.

We had sweet pastries, tea, and savory sandwiches. Here's the menu if you want to know what's on it. The Angel Falls Mist tea was a nice compliment to the pastries and sandwiches that were served. Overall, it was pretty good. A little too sweet for my liking.. but we were stuffed. Outstanding service, as always - as it is the Fairmont Hotel. So for those of you who bought the deal and was wondering what it's like.. here are some pictures. It wasn't really impressive, or exceptionally delicious, but it is essentially what you paid for. Will I be back soon? Probably not. It's too fancy for my taste (I rather kick it and dine at Lucy's Eastside Diner, or The One hahaha), and it's also one of those things I'd enjoy having once in a very long while.


Tinu said...

They look delish!!!

Lily said...

Peter took me here once, then I came back with my parents & nieces. It was soooooo good, even though I don't really drink tea. :)

Hope you and your aunt enjoyed yourselves!


cryskay said...

YUMMY! i love high tea at the fairmont. those tea cups are gorgeous. xx

Danielle's Blog said...

Looks yummy though! I've never been to high tea yet but I know if I'm there, I would keep eating. Reminds me of the dessert tables at buffets. But at buffets you can't enjoy the dessert as much cause you're probably stuffed with meat.

love-aholic said...

omgggg.. LOVE THE DESSERT PLATTERS!!! i've always wanted those LOL. looks so yummy!

camerafilmroll said...

I love high teas! Let's do one when you're in Singapore too! Linked you babe. (:

the lovely life said...

I love high tea, even though I find it rather overpriced for what it is. Nonetheless it's fun to splurge once in awhile! The Fairmont Hotel actually had a groupon-type deal a few days ago where you could score tea for 2 for $36 ($72 retail value) so I grabbed a couple of those.

agg said...

mniami :)
ver nice!
I am inviting to my blog;)

amileinherheels said...

They definitely were :)

Thanks!! We definitely did enjoy ourselves. Always nice to spend time with family!

YEA! I wished I have nice teacups like that at home. Although I would probably only use it as a display haha

Def yummmy :D We should have our own high tea haha!

Yeah they are yummy! :) A bit too much for my liking though. I was super stuffed!

For sure girl!! :) Pictures to go along with it as well ;) And thanks <3

@the lovely life
It is a bit pricey. I ended up paying about $50 with taxes and gratuities + tip. But definitely nice to splurge for special occasions! Yeah that was the deal find I bought :)

Thanks :)

Selena said...

I've never tried high tea but I think we're a little too humble for such fanciness. I would prefer a diner or The One too haha

I'm about to join the Fairmont Family. I'm gonna be living and breathing such fanciness and outstanding service as you mentioned.

amileinherheels said...

Yes The one :D Hehe we should go sometimes :) Yes I've heard from CP! She read my blog then told me haha. I can't wait to visit you there ;)


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