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I had a day off today, and Kim slept over last night so we decided to get everyone together for some lunch! For as long as I can remember, Aaron and myself have been wanting to try this particular diner.. but we always almost end up at The One. Met up with Jerry, Alex, Liselle, Pearlyn and Mel, and off to Lucy's Eastside Diner we went. 

It's such a quaint little local gem. The deco was very much like a 50's diner, but modernized a little. Food was fairly reasonable, and service was good. I ended up ordering their Classic Burger & Fries combo, which filled me up pretty quickly. Not to mention, it included one of the best milkshakes I've tried in a while! Definitely pick the Oreo flavoured milkshake. It's the best, hands down. Oh and have I mentioned.. it's open 24 hours?! How awesome is that? Perfect for all the late night hangouts! We ordered a variety of items off the menu, and everyone left very satisfied!

After lunch, we decided to venture off on Main Street, and our first stop? None other than Front & Co. My favourite! It's such a great place to find unique gifts, clothes and jewelry as well.

Something I found today. If you haven't noticed.. I have this thing for rings. What I love about this ring is how it is SO me. I'm sure everyone who knows me well enough would agree haha. Other than this ring, I also bought key covers that I've shared with Aaron. Look at what else he got!

This coffee tumbler has to be one of the most awesome ones I've seen ever. Oh besides the Nikon lens one I saw as well. Okay going to end this post off with this. Vancouver, can't you be more like this more often? Enjoy!


Jenny said...

oooh you finally changed your theme! :)

i like the pictures of the food. lol

Cowpat said...

The picture of Pearlyn is so cute! :D

It was nice seeing you again, Tessa! <3

amileinherheels said...

@ Jenny
Yes!! I quite like it :) & the foood is good! U should def go there!

@ Liselle
I know eh! She's a cutie :P And yes we need to hang out more!! <3

Selena said...

Haha supercute tumblers, I love em :D


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