Take a step back, and just breathe ♥

I have been meaning to update, but I just haven't really felt in the mood to. Things seem to be going at a pace I'm surprisingly.. not quite used to. It's not that I can't keep up.. It's just that things are different now. Changes I'm not exactly ready for. I've always wanted to grow up fast. You know, move out, get a job.. travel the world, and be established with a well-paid career. But everything is happening sooner than I thought. Maybe it's because I didn't expect to nail a job this soon in the year. I'm practically fresh out of school.. and a few days into the new year, I'm employed. It's a good thing, right? I'm grateful.. and it is definitely a blessing don't get me wrong. But with these changes, it'll take some time getting used to.

If you've ever felt rushed to figure out what you want to do, where you want to go with your life.. because you don't know just yet. Don't. Trust me, in time.. His plans for you shall be revealed :) I myself am not quite sure as to where this job will eventually lead me to.. but I have placed my trust and faith in God, and that He knows what's best for me. With that, I'm not expecting a smooth-sailing route ahead. I'm sure there will be hurdles along the way, struggles that I will eventually have to face.. But knowing I always have God to look to, puts my heart at ease.

I used to be the girl that thought she knew everything she ever wanted in life. I had that 5 year plan planned out to perfection, and I was ready to live it out. I wanted that high-profile life. That stability, certainty and constancy. To live in luxury, without a care in the world. But truth be told..I don't think I dug deep enough to see what really matters. Life is not about that. Everything I thought I wanted, I'm not so sure I exactly do anymore.

I guess as we grow older, we tend to forget the simplicities of life. That innocence that we once had - as a child. We often let material possessions define who we are, and our successes in life. All I can say is.. don't let it run who you are, or who you'll become. Always remind yourself to let your happiness come first, and the rest will follow :) No matter how successful you become, continue to stay humble. I think that's the biggest lesson in it all. Alright I'm up waaay later than I should be lol. Time to call it a night. Until next time! I promise more constant updates :) xo

Back to it again. Constant thoughts running through my mind that keep me up.


Fashion Forward Journal said...

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Selena said...

I'm glad you figured that out at such a young age Tessa =) I didn't dig deeper and let go of those material things in life until I was 23.

What kind of job did you get? And so SOON after graduation!! I hope it brings tons of learning and helps to shape what you truly want and are passionate for in life =)

Selena said...

Heyyy you haven't been updating either lol

amileinherheels said...


It's ok we all grow at different stages and timeframes :) All works out in the end!! I'll update you when I seee you!!! Or msn :) Thanks <3



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