07: If life was a fairytale ♥

30 Day Blog Challenge
Day 7 – Your Dream Wedding

I guess most girls fantasize and dream about this when they're younger huh? Growing up.. I was always being the flower girl, or the bridesmaid. (Mind you I'm still quite young.) And honestly, a wedding is always a happy affair, despite where it is. The two people in love makes it the most beautiful affair, and to be a part of that.. is something precious. But hey if I can dream, here's what my dream wedding would be like.

I most definitely want to get married in a Church first of all. Also, because I'm a pretty detail-oriented person, my deco would have to stand out. Even if it's simple, I wouldn't mind. I just like it when everything looks put together. But most importantly, the dinner reception would have to be at the beach! I guess indoors work too, as long as it's not at a Chinese restaurant haha. (I have nothing against that, it's just my personal preference.) Another important thing, the dancefloor!!! Let's just say it's a family tradition. My 80 year old Uncle will show you how to break it down. For real. Great music, good food, and everyone I want there to witness this event.. I'll be happy. Oh and I really want a photobooth at my wedding. Those are always fun!


Anonymous said...

i love weddings!!! don't forget to invite me to yours... hopefully in singapore?! bahaha

amileinherheels said...

Of course you'd be invited! You better be part of the wedding party ;)


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