Aritzia F/W 2010 ♥

So I got the opportunity to attend Aritzia's F/W 2010 Fashion Show earlier this evening with Vanessa. Now for the rest of this post, I'll let the pictures do the talking! xo



kirstyb said...

this all looks fab and i now want a lilac blazer xxxx

tessatham said...


Some of the stuff weren't as refreshing as I thought it'd be. Kinda ...repetitive of what they already have. There were a few pieces that caught my eye though! said...

wow thats SO cool you were there!
but ya i don't think I ever actually bought anything from aritzia; I think it' a lil over priced for the stuff they sell, and their clothes aren't that unique... but i do think they have amazing sweaters lol!

thanks for your lovely comment :)

StuddedLilly said...

ahhh i just love the energy at a fashion show!!

tessatham said...
I definitely agree. They do have nice stuff but with that comes the hefty price tag! :P Although I do like some of the stuff..

I actually really liked the performance during the fashion show. The artist was amazing!

Amalina said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog... wouldn't have found yours otherwise! And I'm glad I could provide you with recent/updated images of Singapore haha. And you're so lucky to have been able to attend the Aritzia show!


tessatham said...

Aw np! It's always great to see some fashion from back home :)

nicole said...

awesome photos tessa! it was lovely to finally meet you in person at the show! xo

Carrie said...

Looks like fun! Can't wait to see the F/W collection when it hits stores.

Fashion Chalet said...

Awesome blog!

Love the layout and pictures <3


tessatham said...

Thanks Nicole!! And it was great meeting you as well :)

Yeah for sure! There are a few pieces that caught my eye.

@Fashion Chalet
Thanks love <3

The F Word Online said...

oh lucky you ! im so jealous ! i loveee aritzia. how was it ?? anything you love?

xx lue

tessatham said...


Hey babe! It's been SO long since I've heard from you :P How've you been? It was pretty alright. Nothing too spectacular. There was this Talula tulle skirt with an overlayer that I really liked though. And a couple of sheer blouses. Definitely stuff I could see you wearing, and that you'd love!! :)


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