(Not so) glam side of the Fashion Industry

Visited a Manufacturing house earlier this afternoon. It was quite an experience. From receiving, to cutting, to sewing, to trimming and the final finishes.. Boy, what a process it is. Definitely a tedious one as well. The ladies/gents who do this for a living, kudos to them. It is such a tiring job, and a lot of hard work. Strenuous on the eyes as well. Well folks, this is the not so glamorous side of the fashion industry. The messiest too I'd say. It was for sure an eye opening experience, and I'm glad I was given the opportunity to experience how their working environment is like.

(Excuse my poor quality of visuals. These are taken from my BB.)


serenadeveryday said...

Being a seamstress is a tough job and it does take a lot of skill. It looks tedious.

I've never been to a factory like this but I can imagine how crazy it gets. I remember my grandma had her own mini workshop in the garage with two sewing machines the formed a L-shape. She was a seamstress when she first moved to the states. My mom said she did an amazing job and used to get a lot of raises.

I think you should move or stay depending on what's best for you. Don't do something for someone else because you don't know if they'll be there in the long run. You might end up regretting not following what you wanted to do. Make sure you think it through before you decide.

<3 Serena said...

haha yes giordano; i think my mom bought it from hongkong.

and it's actually not bad pictures; haha i feel like i'm in that environment whenever i start a project.


Jessica Mai : said...

Hi Tessa! How are you, m'dear?

Oh wow! what a hectic environment.
Thats so cool that your program allows you entrance into all of these behind the scene fashion production places... & in turn, you share with us! :)

Its such a fascinating industry.. and very tiresome too I presume.

In regards to your last post, what is the decision that you have made? Is it to return to Singapore?


amileinherheels said...

Yeah it does get crazy busy in there. Intense. I have so much appreciation and respect for people like that :)

& I totally know :( But I hate that someone can be a deciding factor.. My feelings tend to overtake my decisions quite a bit. Definitely something I'll think through carefully. Thanks for your words again Serena <3 Always looking forward to reading them!! xx
Ah yeah.. they have it in HK :) Cool. Haha I so know what you mean.. my room will put that manufacturing house to shame LOL. Jk.. not to that extent.. but pretty messy haha.

I'm great!! How are you?! Feels like awhile since I've talked to you :( Been busy with school... and church. Nothing else :( No life. Haha. Yourself? Finals this week? Yeah I'll def share with you guys ;) It's an amazing industry. Love it. But at the same time it can get super out of hand.

Regarding the decision. Yes Singapore.. Most likely. Unless something changes from now till December. Who knows..... We'll have to see I guess. I'm already thinking about everything I'm going to miss in Vancouver. HOCKEY. CANUCKS!!!! <3 And Artizia LOL. & of course the cold weather. xx

Katy said...

That does look tough and the working environment seems so cramped. Where is this at?

amileinherheels said...

It is! It's pretty impossible to walk around haha. It's at Big City on East Pender.

Sally Chau-li said...

oh wow, so lucky you got to experience that.. the quality of the photos is actually not too bad for a blackberry! way better than my iphone!

amileinherheels said...

Yeah it was a pretty cool experience! Part of the fashion course :) Yeah I love my blackberry ;)


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