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Back to classes again. Bring it on, semester 2. On the other hand, I managed to find something I absolutely love today. A new favorite lip color! Ladies, this pink is the new red. Decided to change it up a little, and I found Girl about Town from M.A.C. Here's a clearer picture. Definitely a keeper. Picture doesn't really do it justice, but the color is really lovely. Can you say fierce?

Short update today, but I'll let you guys know about the decision I have made regarding my move soon. Oh, and check out my friend Frank's new video. Resulted from a conversation we had earlier in the morning. Yay for awesome convos :) Can guys and girls JUST be friends? What's your take. Let me know :)


Jenny said...

you're pretty ^__^

Chapolin Colorado Design Inc. said...

tessa, i'm almost done! i'll let you know when i can go shopping asap.

why are you so gorgeous? jeeze tessa!

amileinherheels said...

Awww thank you <3 FOR having my back and for all your sweeet sweet comments !!! xx

Ahh I cannnnnnnot wait Cheryl!! :) Miss you and we need to do the shoots as well. And noooo, what are you talking about!?! The gorgeous one is you!!! <3

Jessica Mai : said...


Gorgeous colour on you m'dear.

I'm still using my old school Samsung atm... My contract ends in a few months so Im just gonna wait it out before starting a new data plan.
I'm trying to decide if I wanna go back to Berry or switch to an IPhone instead... I have fallen in love with a few Iphone covers.(havnt found nice Berry covers)

I think it is possible for guys and girls to be friends without sexual attraction..
However, every relationship is different.
I do have guy friends that I have never ever been attracted to in that way.
On the other hand, my current Boyfriend was a very close friend of mine before we began dating...

I'm curious to know what your opinion is on this topic Tessa


amileinherheels said...


Thanks! You should try it out too. I'm sure you'd love it :)

Oh okay. Aw well when you do get it.. hopefully a BB, we can BBM :) Yeah same.. I've seen tons in Asia. It's so overly blinged out though. Don't know if I'd really like it.

I definitely agree with some of Frank's points from the video, but at the same time I also think it's possible for girls and guys to be friends. Although... when I'm just friends with them, there isn't really an attraction per se, and we have that understanding. Yeah my ex boyfriend was a close friend at first as well. I actually prefer relationships to start off that way. Being friends for awhile first.. before stepping into anything serious. I find that it helps the relationship better. On the other hand, I have been in multiple situations where I have fallen for the ' best friend ' or the close guy friend. It's so easy to fall into that haha. You're both so close to eachother.. you know their habits/personality/dislikes/likes and petpeeves down to the core. But, it's hard when one or the other does not feel the same way.. thus creating distance in the friendship :/

M said...

Love the lip colour!!

grapefruit said...

i've become addicted to his videos. they're hilarious but makes some really good points as well. jay and i actually started a good workout routine based on his videos too. good suggestion!

amileinherheels said...

Hahaha yeah I love Frank! He's hilarious :) & yeah his workout videos are insane...


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