I'm back. Sorry for the lack of updates! Life has been.. pretty busy for the most part. It's been a crazy week. So much went on that I honestly don't know where to start. Projects, meetings, studying for finals (still am), and some other things that happened on the relational level. I haven't really had the chance to sit down and breathe.

On another note, while talking to some of my friends the other day, I realized how much I've changed in a span of a few years. Have you guys ever sat down and reflected on the past, and how you used to be? And then be thankful that you aren't like that anymore? Sometimes.. even I'm amazed at the changes myself. At a young age, I was the girl who partied like there's no tomorrow. The girl who saved her minimum wage paychecks just to purchase designer goods. The girl who was boy crazy. List goes on.. Don't get me wrong though, I wasn't completely out of control or anything, but that was just another side of me very few saw. I was still the good girl on the outside. Attained Honor rolls, was part of Student Council as well as Grad Committee. It's just the thought that I could've been so easily swayed to go down the wrong path, that I am so glad it was just a phase.

I happened to be out for some food the other night with a couple of my friends, and next to our table, was a huge group of gangster-wannabe kids. *Flashback* I was like that once, and it hit me hard that that was me 5 years ago. It always takes me back to 2007, my first Church camp with BHLC. I'm very grateful and thankful to Rachel to this day for inviting me. That camp has changed me so much, and for the better. Gradually, my faith grew, and soon enough I was very involved with church, and got my life back on track. When I look back at how different I was, I have a sigh of relief I'm not the person I used to be. It just makes me sad to see that some of my friends, unfortunately.. are stuck in that phase, and are wasting their lives away. For those who have been with me throughout this ride, I can't thank you enough. I'm very blessed to have such a strong and supportive family, and the best friends anyone could ask for. Much love to y'all for that. Brings me back to a conversation I had with J last night.. the biggest reason as to why I'm not as close to some people from highschool as I used to be.. is because I feel like I've moved on, and they're still stuck in that mode. If that makes sense. I'm always striving and pushing to do better, aiming high, and working towards that, while some of them are still all about the parties, booze, and having way too much fun. Partying doesn't even seem appealing to me all that much now. Which is so sad because I'm so young! Haha. Not to say that I don't party at all.. But I would much rather have a chill night than hit up some club and OD on the alcohol. Yeah, apparently I'm old because of that. Oh wells. K, I think I've talked enough for today. I talk too much don't I? Lol. Will be up at SFU studying all day tomorrow :( Holla if you're there? xx


Jessica Mai : said...

Hey Tessa!

I can relate to how your feeling.
I think we all go through changes. Its good that you changed for the better.

Like you, I also believe that surrounding yourself with a good support system (friends, fam, God) helps us transition through life positively.

Keep striving for your goals, girl!!
& dont forget to blog along the way :)
Dont worry, I have been extremely MIA, as of late.
Good Luck on your finals.
ps. Which SFU campus do you usually study @?


Anonymous said...

you're still boycrazy


Unknown said...


Definitely so. I believe in a good support system :) Thanks Jess! You too!! Miss your posts :( I usually study @ SFU Burnaby. Is that the one you go to?

SO ARE YOU! Hahahaha. We're in this together LOL

Chapolin Colorado Design Inc. said...

It's weird to see how we've all grown up. I'm glad both of us are on the right track. Pursuing our passions, working hard, and trying to be the best we can. We're super lucky that we're surrounded by amazing people. Much love!

amileinherheels said...

I know eh Cheryl? Time sure flies by so fast. I can't believe we went from those quiet primary school kids in Singapore to how we are now in Vancouver. Can you imagine if we didn't make the move back then? Yup, I'm so blessed to be surrounded by such amazing people, including yourself! <3 Thanks for everything these past.. almost 10 years! Since grade 4 :) Can't believe it's been that long. Anyways I'm looking forward to our vintage shopping as well as our photoshoots! Can't wait. xx


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